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Or you can cancel the listing with no risk to you. 

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How does the Sold Uber Fast Listing work?

Our 4 step home selling process takes all the stress out of selling your home while still fetching the highest price possible leaving you in full control with virtually no risk.
Strategy Call
We’ll call you to review the program details and get all your preliminary questions answered.
Home Visit
We’ll visit you at your home and walk you through the process of positioning your home to sell for the highest price possible.
Listing Launch
Similar to an auction style selling process, we’ll position your home strategically causing potential buyers to take action with urgency.
Review Offers
We’ll review offers together and negotiate the offer best suited for your personal goals.

The “Sold Uber Fast” home selling process is your answer to conveniently selling your home for more money and NO RISK

The old ways of selling your home are no longer effective. In an adjusting market like 2023, you need every tool and strategy to capitalize on the equity you've earned.

If selling your home with convenience, certainty, and for more is important to you...

Then the "Sold Uber Fast" home selling process is your solution

With The Sold Uber Fast Listing

Selling the traditional way

Don't price your home, Position your home

We don’t believe an agent should just tell you what “your home is worth.” We believe our job is to help you position your home as a sellable asset. How we launch your home to the public will have a direct impact in how much it sells for and the time it takes to do so.

*There is no obligation to get your price and have your questions answered

Your key driver is showings

Everything we do when positioning your home to sell is validated by the number of showings you get. When the advertising works, you get showings. When you get showings, you’ll get offers. The secret sauce is to have all of this happen in a compressed timeframe.

*There is no obligation to get your price and have your questions answered

You're in complete control

Before we launch your home to the public, we’ll make sure you are clear on how and when everything is going to happen. This isn’t a our way or the highway approach. We believe in win win solutions or no deal.

*There is no obligation to get your price and have your questions answered

Multiple Offers is our goal

When you have one offer, the buyer negotiates with you. When we have 2 or more offers at the same time, the buyers negotiate against each other. 

Sometimes the highest price may not be your best option. We’ll work with you hand in hand to make sure you’re negotiating an offer that achieves your personal goals. 

*There is no obligation to get your price and have your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

We only believe in win win solutions. While you will be required to sign a listing agreement so we can legally market the home, we will included a free cancellation clause for you to use in the event you aren’t happy with our process. There is no risk to you. 

No. If none of the offers are up to your standards, you are no obligated to sign any of them. 

No we are a national real estate sales team. We do have options for convenient offers if you prefer not to go on the MLS. 

Typical timeframes for getting homes launched depend on the work the home needs, media, staging and your personal schedule. We can go as quickly as a few days to a few weeks. We will work around your schedule. 

This is all based on the location, condition, and how we price your home. We’ll cover this in great detail during our strategy call and home visit. 

Yes, you would be working with a local, in person Real Estate Agent. All of our operations are centralized from our corporate office while agents (local directors) in the field, manage the day to day process. 

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